2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Review

This 2015 Lincoln MKZ video review includes the EcoBoost, V6 and Hybrid models, and discusses their fuel economy, price, comfort, interior quality and …
올해 2014-10-31 16:00:34

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  1. I love my MKZ hybrid , quiet ,comfortable and very good on gas mileage ….

  2. we absolutely love our 2015 mkz hybrid.. its seats are more comfortable than our 550i bmw and the ride surpases it also.. the buytons and the slide functions work flawlesly..although take a bit of time to get used to, we get 46 mpg city and 50 in the mountains.. level highway roads are where youl spend more in gas.. although 41 mpg isnt really hard consumption.. our next purchase? not a bmw or mercedes..nope.. were hopin lincoln comes out with a hybrid navigator v6.. wed be happy with 30 mpg highway 😉 wouldnt buy another gas only car.. at 950 kms per 50 buvks in gas thru mountains??!? wow..thankyou lincoln ☺

  3. When they first introduced the car I said wow Lincoln look has really improved and I like it. This, the MKC, and the likes look really nice, especially in person. I also like how this car is not really popular so it will seem more exclusive. But I must say, in general, major let down in terms of overall interior quality. I think they should keep the exterior the same and do a refresh while also a dressing weight and steering to really bring this vehicle out. It's too good looking to not be more highly touted. All in all though, a solid vehicle that I would purchase for a daily driver, right now probably used though. Btw, brilliant price points, and various engine options, we need more automakers who think like this.

  4. Bitcoin Video University

    Great style, but it will remind you its a Lincoln

  5. I've got a black 2013 MKZ with the 3.7L engine. Overall, It's a good used car in my opinion. If you can find a low mileage certified pre-owned, I would highly recommend it. If you are buying brand new, the TLX has it beat.

  6. Rather have a fusion titanium

  7. The console looks cheap it looks so plastic it probably is. 

  8. the only solution i find interesting in 2015 lincolns is button-drived gear shift
    almost everything else in options, features and design is boring and corny

  9. Hands down, this is the best looking car in its segment by far.

  10. BillandDebbie Audenby

    Have owned the 2015 MKZ hybrid for a month. Very solid built car, smooth ride and nice luxury appointments. In cold Wisconsin we have been around 40mpg. I would recommend a test drive to anyone. We love it so far.

  11. Very fair review. The only version I liked was the Hybrid in the Ice Storm Blue color. Of course they discontinued the color… Now I'm planning on saving my money and working hard to buy a Tesla Model 3 when it comes out. Too bad for Lincoln…lol

  12. Is the Lincoln MKZ a luxury car contender?

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