1. latimes:

    Today’s headlines:

    As Hurricane Sandy nears, 450,000 on East Coast told to evacuate

    There’s talk of a ‘once-in-a-lifetime storm’ as subways and trains shut down and emergency crews prepare for the worst

    El Monte soda tax plan faces crush by beverage industry

    His city faces financial woes and a high rate of childhood obesity, so Mayor Andre Quintero thought residents would back the measure. But he hadn’t counted on the beverage industry declaring war.

    Obama looks to young voters, many of whom seem uninspired

    Most young voters, like those in the battleground state of Colorado, back Obama, but fewer of them seem inclined to cast ballots compared with 2008.

    Higher DVR usage becomes a mixed blessing for TV industry

    Digital video recorders are boosting TV ratings, but higher DVR usage means viewers are watching less live programming and can easily skip through commercials.

    Wildlife biologist Jeff Sikich knows how to get his mountain lion

    Sikich is a world-known tracker of carnivores for groups aiming to study and keep them alive. His territory in recent years: The Santa Monica Mountains. His quarry: mountain lions.


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