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    Election Night Special - AFR Voice: Episode 5

    In what has been a historic week for American politics, AFR Voice is here to count the ballot papers of world football and see who have been the real winners and losers this week.

    We’ll be getting things started with the audio equivalent of shaking hands and kissing numerous babies as we get bleary eyed about the first round of this year’s FA Cup, the return of Big Mick McCarthy to football management, before having it out in an untelevised debate on the diving issue, featuring special guest - Olympic diver Tom Daley (not technically a guest on the show, but we do talk about him a bit).

    Then it’s off to canvas support on the key battle ground that is the MLS playoffs – can LA pull things back against San Jose after conceding a right stinker of a free kick late in the first leg, just how many more own goals do DC United and the New York Red Bulls have up their sleeves, and will we see a goal in a match between Seattle and Real Salt Lake ever again?

    After that, it’s back to the political stronghold that is Europe where Roma have been holding up trains, Zlatan has been kicking people again, Inter have been ruining the party in Turin, and how for a fraction of a Presidential campaign budget, you can own part of a Spanish football club.

    As always, you can contact the team on Twitter @AFRvoice, or by emailing afrvoice@gmail.com. You can also subscribe to AFR Voice on iTunes, follow us on Soundcloud, and find past episodes on the site hereGet involved, vote or die, etc…


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    Election Night Special - AFR Voice: Episode 5 In what has been a historic week for American politics, AFR Voice is here...
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