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Jay-Z’s performance art video for “Picasso Baby”, featuring lots of famous faces and, even better, lots of not so famous faces. This is an interesting perspective of how the energy around performed music differs from that of when it’s just heard/experienced by the listener.


"Fear and Loathing in little 5" this is my favorite piece of community art I’ve done so far.


One of our favorites from the DOAC photography project. Can’t wait to see the next chapter!

PaperFrank is one of our favorite up and coming visual artists. Here’s a quick snippet of a forthcoming interview:

Check out his Pink Lemonade campaign here:


Impossible Figures - Art by Oscar Reutersvärd

Oscar Reutersvärd (1915–2002), widely acknowledged as “the father of the impossible figure”, was a Swedish graphic artist who in 1934 pioneered the art of 3D drawings which may initially appear feasible, yet cannot be physically constructed. Born on November 29, 1915 in Stockholm, Sweden, he reportedly suffered from dyslexia and had difficulty estimating the distance and size of objects. But his family was artistic, and encouraged his painting and sculpture efforts.

Do these look possible to you?

Art x Design

(via culturerevo)

Window art display from @popupradiolive. Artist: Amy Pursifull #music #art #technology #community

A rewind pic from @popupradiolive this past Wednesday. #music #art #technology #community

Rewind from #PopUpRadio episode 1. at Sound Table #ATL #Soundtable #art #technology #community



art: by Lijiang Muzi

Cool gadget art!

Just stopped by Beep Beep Gallery to check out the new Jessica Caldas exhibit. Awesome stuff. #art