1. Listening to newer versions of this song always make me want to return the the original. So, why not? // “The Girl from Ipanema”


  2. In 2002, City of God broke on the cinematic scene, both for its gripping story and the unknown actors who portrayed many of the characters. In the 10 years since that movie, the lives of those actors have taken wildly different paths. CITY OF GOD - 10 YEARS LATER  documents how the movie’s success has changed them and the lives of the millions of Brazilians they represented on film. Here’s a snippet of this project.

  3. In this episode of The Floyd Hall Show: some thoughts on the uprising in Egypt, world football start Ronaldo retires, and an interview with Steven Otu, Managing Partner of iFundie.com.

  4. GLOBAL: Brazil's raw materials and the Chinese bikini problem →

    Mr Batista’s companies control enormous reserves of iron ore and oil - commodities the Chinese economy desperately needs.

    In fact, Chinese demand for the raw materials Brazil has in abundance has pushed prices to record highs and, as a result, Mr Batista’s business - and the Brazilian economy - is booming.