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This just speaks…

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The cars of movie stars and celebrities before 1980. Miss America Teen Ager and the 1969 Dodge Charger. 

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The BBC’s Brian Milligan attempts to drive an electric Mini from London to Scotland, using only public charge points.

Just before Christmas, the government proudly announced that 2011 would be remembered as the year the electric car took off.

In an attempt to make that prophecy come true, it announced a subsidy of £5,000 for each electric car sold in the UK.

But what is electric motoring actually like?

Does it bear any resemblance to the smug self-satisfaction of those who glide along in petrol-lubricated luxury, untroubled by the fear that they might not actually reach their destination?

Because despite the hype of the battery revolution, it is still not easy to drive an electric car any further than the supermarket and back.

So, in what is arguably an unfair test of a car designed mostly for short-distance motoring, the BBC decided to try and drive an electric Mini the 484 miles from London to Edinburgh.