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Via latimes:

As a native Los Angelino, I consider one of the city’s gems to be the Watts Towers.  Completed in 1954 by Italian immigrant Simon Rodia, a construction worker without any art training, he would come home after work and slowly but surely (it took him 33 years) build “17 interconnecting sculptures adorned with intricate mosaics.” He used steel rods and pipes for the main supports and embedded pieces of porcelain, tile, bottles, and sea shells. 

According to the LA Times, when the city of Los Angeles finally found Rodia’s masterpiece, the head of the municipal Building and Safety Department wrote this in a memo: “Personally, I think this is the biggest pile of junk outside a junkyard that I have ever seen.”

Quite the contrary, no? The Watts Towers have come to signify something very special to the city and since 1990, were designated as a Los Angeles landmark.

Over the years, tiny cracks and weather conditions have deteriorated the towers.  In 2011, the Los Angeles’ Department of Cultural Affairs contracted with LACMA to help with maintenance and restoration.

Read here for more on how the restoration of The Watts Towers is coming along.

Today’s headlines:

Tight presidential race may come down to knocking on doors

The Obama-Romney race could be decided by the oldest tactic in the book – going door to door to get out the vote.

State Supreme Court wants Arizona donors audited

The high court orders a group that donated $11 million to a fund fighting Prop. 30 and supporting Prop. 32 to hand over records. The group is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a pivotal corner of Ohio, rival party leaders sweat it out

In swing-state Ohio, party leaders in Cincinnati know each other well – and how vital it is to bring in the vote for their sides.

COLUMN ONE: Britain’s Midwest lens on the presidential race

The Telegraph newspaper sets up shop in the small Ohio town of Dunkirk, where residents have been giving their views of the campaign. There’s culture shock in both directions.

Prosecutors in Afghanistan massacre case face tough challenge

Authorities charge Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales with murdering 16 villagers, but they have limited access to evidence and key witnesses won’t testify.

Sandy a galvanizing moment for climate change?

Hurricane Sandy images and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s endorsement of Obama based on his climate change policies could bring attention to the issue of global warming, political observers say.

(via latimes)


Today’s headlines:

As Hurricane Sandy nears, 450,000 on East Coast told to evacuate

There’s talk of a ‘once-in-a-lifetime storm’ as subways and trains shut down and emergency crews prepare for the worst

El Monte soda tax plan faces crush by beverage industry

His city faces financial woes and a high rate of childhood obesity, so Mayor Andre Quintero thought residents would back the measure. But he hadn’t counted on the beverage industry declaring war.

Obama looks to young voters, many of whom seem uninspired

Most young voters, like those in the battleground state of Colorado, back Obama, but fewer of them seem inclined to cast ballots compared with 2008.

Higher DVR usage becomes a mixed blessing for TV industry

Digital video recorders are boosting TV ratings, but higher DVR usage means viewers are watching less live programming and can easily skip through commercials.

Wildlife biologist Jeff Sikich knows how to get his mountain lion

Sikich is a world-known tracker of carnivores for groups aiming to study and keep them alive. His territory in recent years: The Santa Monica Mountains. His quarry: mountain lions.

Sarah Fasha is an actress, model, and DJ of Egyptian heritage living in Los Angeles. Recently she sat down with us to chat about her personal and professional journey up to this stage of her career.

TGC: Culturally, personally, and career-wise, what does your world look like right now?

SF: After spending time in the military and working for the government after as a full time 9-5 employee, I decided to let go of the security for the chance at being happy - even if that meant a little less money. Thus far I have not regretted it. Some people are meant to work long hour days, and nothing is wrong with that. But some of us, like myself, are just not. Having the courage to walk away from something so comfortable is a blessing in itself. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made by far. Because I made this switch I am giving myself the opportunity to do what makes me happy and live a more fulfilling life.

Culturally, I try to stay in touch with my Egyptian and Muslim roots which can often be difficult because I do not have anyone to identify with. But all my friends respect who I am regardless and that is enough for me. At this time I have already obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Business and am currently completing the conservatory at The Lee Strasberg Institute in West Hollywood. I am aggressively marketing myself as an actor and smelling the roses along the way!

TGC: With all that you’ve done (DJing, modeling, acting, etc.), what’s been the overall driving passion? How do they tie together? What’s causing your current shift?

SF: I began with entertainment initially with modeling while I was still getting out of the military. I needed a break from the everyday “boring” life and I looked to modeling for excitement and a way to make new friends, etc. For many years that was my passion. I then obtained a modeling agent who recommended I check out a local community theatre. Reluctantly I went, and from that point I was hooked on acting.

Before I moved back to LA from Baltimore I was trying to think of ways to supplement my income without having to be the typical actor/waiter. I had a few friends who were DJ’s and since I had a love for music I found it as a great opportunity to make some money and again do something that I turned out to love. My ultimate goal is to be successful as an actor, so modeling is something on the side that at this point. I will do if needed but it is no longer my passion. Although at this time I only DJ occasionally, I plan on DJing more regularly after I graduate from my conservatory. It is nice because all three can be combined with one another in terms of networking and promoting my work. 

We’ll post the second part of this interview soon! In the meantime, connect with Sarah for yourself:

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Richard Pryor and Lou Gossett backstage at the Shrine Auditorium, published in The Times on Feb. 4, 1978.

Our Vintage Times series is presented on Tumblr with photography from the Los Angeles Times archives.

We can only IMAGINE what that conversation was like! Awesome…