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We talk a lot in our world about collaboration. This is a great perspective on it. #global

In this chapter of “Death of a Clown” we are finally introduced to the Hobo. He’s on a journey to an uncertain future, and along the way he must battle himself as well as the elements as he strives toward his final destination. Stay tuned.

The end is really just the beginning…

The Green Fashion Challenge combines our love of Glamour with our passion for being “Green”. We gave a stylist a $25 budget, some “look” guidelines, and one week to pull it all together! Stylist Latoya Stephens of Lamil Designs participated in our first challenge; visit her website here.

For this challenge we focused on menswear with a contemporary, slightly academic business casual look. Latoya chose her items from a local Goodwill store; let’s see how her final selections matched the inspiration.



The next challenge is coming soon! For details, connect with us here:

“The World Can’t Touch Ghost, Purple Tape, Rae Co-Host” - Mighty Healthy


Five Signs You May Be an Unrecognized Genius*

1. You collect lost paper airplanes, note their findspot and date of discovery, and accession them into your hoard archive.

2. Gourds speak to you on a deep level.

3. To you, toilet-paper rolls are not recycling, but rather display socles for tiny sculptures, ones that speak of loss and time.

4. The tiny sculptures in #3 are old eggshells.

5. You consider yourself (and quite possibly, are) the world’s leading authority on string figures.

Paper airplanes collected by Harry Smith on the streets of New York City, newly arrived with his archive at the Getty Research Institute.

* and/or the reincarnation of Harry Smith


Portable Suitcase Stereo System

The Cherry Wood BoomCase is a self-powered suitcase stereo system that features a vintage design built using only recyclable packing materials. The suitcase works with your iPhone/iPod, phone, computer or any device that has a headphone output and boasts a 40 Watt amplifier, two fabric dome tweeters, two 6.5” woofers and a 10+ hour lithium battery.

One of those cool vintage pieces that we’d have in our clubhouse…

(via travelgadgets)

We’re looking forward to hanging out with everyone this Sunday! For more info, visit here.

Reason 7,491 why BK is the coolest borough… 


The dramatically dilapidated Loews King Theatre, on Flatbush Avenue, is set for a resurrection.

The place was built in 1929. A young Barbra Streisand once worked here. So did Sylvester Stallone.

It’s been closed since 1977, but it’s still the largest indoor theater in Brooklyn, with 3,200 seats. I got to walk around inside yesterday, and despite all the dust and decay, it’s pretty spectacular.

The plan is to restore its former grandeur, and turn it into a major performing arts center. Opening set for 2015.

As a former Brooklynite, I should confess: I’m a little envious.

(via wnyc)

We can’t change where we’re born, but obviously we can choose where to have kids…where’s your favorite country on the list?


Daily chart: Switzerland is the best place to be born in 2013, according to research from The Economist Intelligence Unit. America comes in 16th, ten spots above Britain.

What’s so intriguing about this video is not the artists/actors/athletes who are in it, but the amount of likes/dislikes on YouTube. At the time of this post there are 5.2 Million views with over 35K likes and over 22K dislikes…roughly a 61/39 split. That’s a lot of people who chose to express their opinion on this video. Where do you fall on this issue, the approach, or the video itself?

A friend from London asked, “Why do Americans love the 2nd Amendment so much?”