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Rupert Murdoch, offering advice to Facebook, via Twitter.

Murdoch’s News Corp (in)famously bought Myspace in 2005 for $580 million and sold it in 2011 to Specific Media for $35 million. During a 2011 annual meeting, he admitted that News Corp managed to “mismanage it in every possible way.”

When Rupert talks, sometimes we listen. This is an interesting perspective on social media.

Age Distribution on Social Networks

Image: By Pingdom with data from Google Ad Planner via Bit Rebels. Select to embiggen.

There’s so much to think about on this video, from consumer technology to the future of our social lives! Gadgets & Greatness. Check it out…

#M7MS - Pop Culture curated at

In this episode, we talk about how mixtapes have changed the music industry’s “Circle of Trust” and give you some alternatives to Spotify. Oh, and did we mention Canadian Geese and Kendrick Lamar’s “Alien Girl”?

As usual, we give you our #FavoriteFollows and pics and videos from our life and times.


Pop Culture Curated at

Floyd announces why “FREE” should stop being part of your Social Media vocabulary and expresses his affinity for QR Codes!

Music from Allen Stone, and random clips and pictures from our life and times.


Pop Culture Curated at

Social Media requires work, but if you believe in what you’re doing, don’t sweat it. Oh, and being famous helps too! (Just saying…) Also, Floyd talks tells how you can help the next generation of television and film talent.

Music from Metronomy, and random clips and pictures from our life and times. 


The post below is taken from an excerpt written by Maryanne Njeri, one of our international correspondents currently based in Kenya, after the murder of her brother Mark on October 10th in Nairobi. 

 What do you use social media for?

Many users of social media say it is a powerful tool of communication but not many can attest to how it has changed their lives. I can. On Monday, 10th October after 5pm, I sent @MediaMK a tweet asking him what kind of blog he wanted from me to write for his site. At the moment, life was good; I was happy. At 6pm, I get a call from my family friend that my brother Mark was missing; the call was calm and not worried. At 7pm, the call came again, in panic. Mark couldn’t be found, he didn’t go to work, and his phones were off. I broke down, worried about my last born brother, our 3rd born. I love him so much and would not imagine him harmed.

The searches soon started, from hospitals to the police station to his house. My parents, our friends and relatives, and I all aged from the stress and crying since we could not find him. Finally we slept. My sleep ended three hours later, at 4am, I was convinced there was somewhere else to search. 6am I sent a tweet to @MediaMK asking him to tweet about my search for Mark. My soul was paining. I felt like someone stepped on it. The tweets started with various trends such as #FindMarkMuturi. The Facebook was also our searching tool for Mark.

Back to the police station and other places as my family, friends and I, hoped he had been arrested.  Our souls hurt. Lucky for me, Research in Motion (RIM) was having technical problems in various continents, so I could not be able to access my internet to find out if anyone had found him. I say lucky for me because as the day went on, the search trend changed from #FindMarkMuturi to #RIPMarkMuturi and I had no clue. We were still searching for him, hoping maybe a kidnapper would call us and ask for ransom, then release him.  At that moment, you are desperate for any sign of him, alive. But later, the truth found us and broke us. He had been murdered. He will never call me again, tweet me back as I tweet a hip-hop rhyme, playfully bully me…nothing. He is gone. Taken away from us in a cruel manner.

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We’re happy to be collaborating with Spelman College again this fall semester.  These super-smart students will be using our content—the same wonderful content we give you daily—as the basis for weekly assignments related to their literary studies curriculum. 

Once again, we’re proud to be associated with academia in such an innovative way, and we look forward to learning from them as they show us how social media and global popular culture influence each other in ways we never imagined.

This is awesome stuff, right? Riiiiight…

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This is one of our favorite interviews! Media personality Mo Reilley gives her thoughts on the radio industry and adapting to the changes that it presents. This is a “must watch” interview for anyone interested in how to thrive in the ups and downs of such a dynamic business. Want more? Go Here.

Mo Reilley shares some thoughts on how social media impacts artists and communities on a global level. All you need is an open mind and your passport!

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