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Singer/Songwriter @hellobosco just stopped by for a chat with @floydthinks for the #Wonderroot podcast!

I had a great time, both while the mic was on and off. She knows about sneakers, art, and trucks….pretty hard to beat that combo.


Who doesn’t love a good infographic? This one is especially nifty, as it relates to one of the best ideas we’ve seen in a minute…an arts CSA. More specifically, it’s the @WonderRoot CSA. Check it out, buy a share, and support the local arts movement.

More details here:

Opening Night of the “Freestyle” photo exhibit @WonderRoot featuring Cara Pastore and Sheree Swann. (@A3C Hip-Hop Festival)

#freecoffeefriday at #wonderroot is in full swing… (Taken with Instagram)

We’re honored to be panel hosts for this year’s @A3C Hip Hop festival at @WonderRoot. The creative geniuses behind Beatz & Lyrics to Go will be on hand!

Had a great lunch with Amanda Mills of Atlanta Zine Library and Atlanta Zine Fest at #WonderRoot! #ATLarts #thegcafe (Taken with Instagram)

We love how art and music seem to go together in various places in various ways. Here we catch two different scenes in Atlanta, the High Museum and community arts organization WonderRoot.

Catch more vibes here:

We love music and art in all it’s forms. Check out two sides of this coin from two of the most unique venues in Atlanta: The High Museum of Art and WonderRoot.

Pop Culture Curated.!/thegcafe

We got a chance to swing by #WonderRoot for the biweekly Soul Food Cypher this past Sunday. This one was a particularly special because the critically acclaimed short film, UNDEREXPOSED: Indie Hip-Hop in Atlanta, was being shown by director W. Feagins, Jr. Good times were had by all, and some of the film’s subjects were even in attendance to enjoy the moment. (And of course, the cipher was in full effect after the film and food…)

For more on that film, click here.

For more on WonderRoot, click here.

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[Pop Culture curated

Inside the #wonderroot recording studio…