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Swiss cartoonist Patrick Chappatte points out the obvious.  

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Morehouse College Commencement 2013. We are in the building. #morehouse2013 #morehousecollege #morehouse #graduation #barackobama #obama #government #glamour #unitedstates

Our word cloud of President Obama’s recent speech about the Boston Bombings.


Hillary Clinton left the State Department nearly two months ago, but she still needs a staff to keep up with the considerable business of being Hillary Clinton. A half-dozen people now work for the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate in a tiny corporate space on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, in what is called her “transition office.” Transition to what, Mrs. Clinton and her aides have not yet said.



art: photo by Thomas Whiteside

We guess everybody’s digging Hillary. It looks like its going to be a busy “retirement” for the former Secretary of State….

What’s so intriguing about this video is not the artists/actors/athletes who are in it, but the amount of likes/dislikes on YouTube. At the time of this post there are 5.2 Million views with over 35K likes and over 22K dislikes…roughly a 61/39 split. That’s a lot of people who chose to express their opinion on this video. Where do you fall on this issue, the approach, or the video itself?

A friend from London asked, “Why do Americans love the 2nd Amendment so much?”


A different look at voting across America - by population.

Our map - by community type


Red v Blue, Not So True

Via Chris Howard:

America really looks like this - I was looking at the amazing 2012 election maps created by Mark Newman (Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan), and although there is a very interesting blended voting map (Most of the country is some shade of purple, a varied blend of Democrat blue and Republican red) what I really wanted was this blended map with a population density overlay. Because what really stands out is how red the nation seems to be when you do not take the voting population into account; when you do so many of those vast red mid-west blocks fade into pale pink and lavender (very low population).

So I created a new map using Mark’s blended voting map based on the actual numbers of votes for each party overlaid with population maps from Texas Tech University and other sources.

Here’s the result — what the American political voting distribution really looks like.

Images: Chris Howard’s “blended” voting map, via Facebook (top); Mark Newman’s 2012 voting maps by state, county and percentage vote by county (bottom). Select to embiggen.

(via wnyc)

The day after the election, the President made a surprise visit to campaign HQ in Chicago to thank staff and volunteers. Here’s what he said.



Election Obama (by bizweekdesign)


A final word from President Obama after the very last stop of his 8-state, 48-hour trip.

And no matter your political leanings…  vote.

Election forecasts are great fun, but nobody should take the individual predictions they generate too seriously, wherever they come from, or however they are constructed.
John Cassidy on election math like Nate Silver’s on his blog FiveThirtyEight. Read Cassidy on forecasting elections. (via newyorker)

(via newyorker)