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We talk a lot in our world about collaboration. This is a great perspective on it. #global


Managing inventory with SMS for a micro-enterprise based in rural Ecuador. Teaching business to students with a game. Helping groups with limited resources organize and meet. Notifications for new deliveries and stock outs of essential medicines at public clinics and hospitals to patients. 

These are just a few of the ideas in the featured problem set for the Peace Corps Innovation Challenge that culminates this weekend at the Random Hacks of Kindness Global Hackathon! Choose a Peace Corps problem statement to champion and sign up to participate now

We dig this. Technology X People impacting global communities.

We always love events like this. S/O to @hellobosco.

One of our favorites from this past week. Getting it done! #gadgets #greatness


Ernest Hemingway sent this postcard to Gertrude Stein from Spain in 1924. 

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Talk about Gadgets and Greatness! From the “Edge of Space”, Felix Baumgartner gets it done!

Mission to the Edge of Space! Watch #FelixBaumgartner attempt a supersonic jump from the “Edge of Space”…

[UPDATE] The mission was cancelled due to excessive winds. You can check out the latest developments here:

We’re ready to make some lemonade…who’s with us? #greatness @thegcafe (Taken with Instagram)

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In War, the first casualty is Truth…


We heard this recently and it really rang true. There’s conflict all over the world: military, technological, social, environmental, etc. As you read, listen, and watch commentary on all of these fronts, be sure to connect with as many sources as possible to inform yourself on the different perspectives being presented. Don’t stop searching for the Truth.

~The G Cafe Staff

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