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In 2002, City of God broke on the cinematic scene, both for its gripping story and the unknown actors who portrayed many of the characters. In the 10 years since that movie, the lives of those actors have taken wildly different paths. CITY OF GOD - 10 YEARS LATER  documents how the movie’s success has changed them and the lives of the millions of Brazilians they represented on film. Here’s a snippet of this project.

We’re looking forward to seeing this movie! “Searching for Sugar Man” is now in the US…

B U R T O N  &  D E P P

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Grand Wizard Theodore,
Wild Style Soundtrack

Audio: Music from the classic Wild Style soundtrack. “Subway Theme” from Grand Wizard Theodore.

How can something be both so well known and obscure at the same time?

Elizabeth Taylor. On her way inside before the 1953 Oscars, Taylor takes a moment to sign an autograph for a young admirer. She was a new mom herself, just two months earlier welcoming her first son with British actor Michael Wilding (left).

LIFE’s Best Oscar Photos

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In this episode Floyd gives some perspective on Facebook and the Oscars, talks about a new concept in electric luxury, and discusses PTSD with independent film producers Trey Murphy and Kema Charles. Plus music from VV Brown.

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"Black Swan" star Natalie Portman


Daily chart: from Golden Globe to Oscar. Over the last decade, the Golden Globe awards have proven a fairly good indicator of who will win the best actor and best actress categories at the Oscars. For best picture and best director, the relationship is slightly less clear.

This is a sneak peek of the upcoming Transformers movie, entitled (for now) Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It’s directed by Michael Bay, and due out later this summer, most likely. What do you think?