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Stopped by the @ernestalexander store last week in #NYC. Awesome space! #styleNYC #fashionNYC #style #fashion #mensclothing #glamour #soho

One of our favorites from the DOAC photography project. Can’t wait to see the next chapter!

S/O to TRIBUTE. #boulderboom #vintage #atlanta #style #glamour #fashion #popup

S/O to @PleasantPenny! #boulderboom #atlanta #fashion #glamour #style

S/O to TRIBUTE. #boulderboom #fashion #glamour #style #atlanta #accessories

Table 12 at a lovely wedding reception. #Love #Glamour #Style #wedding #weddingreception #ashtongardens #georgia #southernwedding #loveisintheair

In this chapter of “Death of a Clown” we are finally introduced to the Hobo. He’s on a journey to an uncertain future, and along the way he must battle himself as well as the elements as he strives toward his final destination. Stay tuned.

The end is really just the beginning…


So you went to your favorite thrift store, consignment store, or second hand shop and found your new favorite item…but you know it probably needs a little TLC before you wear it. Need a few suggestions? Don’t worry, we can help. Latoya Stephens, who we featured in a recent Green Fashion Challenge, offers some tips on caring for your new, gently used, garments…

Clothes: Put clothes in the washer, Machine dry on the highest heat possible For delicate garments, hand wash with a product like Woolite or OxiClean and lay flat to dry.

(If you want to wear clothes same day of purchase and don’t have time for the washer, spray clothes with LYSOL NEUTRA AIR Fabric Mist and place in dryer for 20-30 minutes on the the highest heat to remove any bacteria, and odors.)

Accessories: Earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets, wipe them down with rubbing alcohol and let dry before wearing.

Shoes: Wipe the inside and sole of the shoe with rubbing alcohol and/or with those handy Lysol disinfectant wipes. (Note: Test the rubbing alcohol out on a small section of the shoe to make sure it doesn’t affect the material.)


The story of the hobo is, in many ways, the story of America at the turn of the 20th Century. In Death of a Clown, the story of The Hobo bears some interesting similarities to that character of the American past, but with some striking differences. Learn more about it all here.

The Green Fashion Challenge combines our love of Glamour with our passion for being “Green”. We gave a stylist a $25 budget, some “look” guidelines, and one week to pull it all together! Stylist Latoya Stephens of Lamil Designs participated in our first challenge; visit her website here.

For this challenge we focused on menswear with a contemporary, slightly academic business casual look. Latoya chose her items from a local Goodwill store; let’s see how her final selections matched the inspiration.



The next challenge is coming soon! For details, connect with us here: