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Window art display from @popupradiolive. Artist: Amy Pursifull #music #art #technology #community

A rewind pic from @popupradiolive this past Wednesday. #music #art #technology #community


Swiss cartoonist Patrick Chappatte points out the obvious.  

#Gadgets X #Government


Rewind from #PopUpRadio episode 1. at Sound Table #ATL #Soundtable #art #technology #community

For any of our tech friends who remember writing out circuits by hand, the future has already been here. Check this out… #gadgets


The Beauty Hidden Within Blackboards at Quantum Physics Labs

Today, in an age of dry-erase whiteboards and write-on wall paint — an age that has produced surfaces and markers that allow writings to be undone with the ruthless efficiency of a single swipe — blackboards have taken on the wistfulness of the outmoded technology. And the semi-erased chalkboard, in particular — its darkness swirled with the detritus of unknown decisions and revisions — compounds the nostalgia. Its spectral insights mingle in the bright dust of calcium carbonate.

Alejandro Guijarro sees that blurry beauty better than most. Over the last three years, the Spanish artist has visited some of the world’s most prestigious blackboards: the ones housed at the quantum mechanics labs of places like the University of Oxford, UC Berkeley, Stanford, CERN, Cambridge, and the Instituto de Física Corpuscular. At each place, he used a large-format camera to capture the markings left on the boards, just as he found them.

See more. [Images: Alejandro Guijarro]

Love & Technology. Truthful. Interesting. Colorful.
Emails can’t replace hugs and handshakes. 

Love & Technology. Truthful. Interesting. Colorful.

Emails can’t replace hugs and handshakes. 

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The alert you’ll get if Google thinks you are a target of government spying. (Image from Google Support page)

This week, Google added a feature to alert users who may be targets of what it calls “state-sponsored attackers”. Google won’t say how it knows a government may be spying on you, but Kim Zetter has an idea what Google is done. She covers privacy and security issues for WIRED magazine.

“They’re monitoring what is normal activity on an account, and so if they see, for example, that access to an account is coming from IP addresses that aren’t your normal addresses, that’s one hint that someone may have gotten into your account,” Zetter explains. “But another way that they would be determining this is if there are known phishing attacks against users, they would see that.”


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The Next Great Technology Platform: The Bicycle

Bikes have already changed our relationships to each other and the urban environment, but consider the potential for so much more.

Imagine a future where cities go beyond bike lanes and build the urban environment around bikes. What would a bike highway look like? What would city life be like without cars? Imagine a healthier city — no more kids in the Bronx with asthma — and reduced automobile fatalities.

The biggest opportunity here is that given what we know about how bikes change our social dynamics, how would this play out on a mass scale? Amplify that with sensing and tracking technologies on board the human battery-powered bike platform and the possibilities are endless. Handgrips that monitor your pulse and heart rate multiplied by millions will help us better understand the people who live in entire neighborhoods, and the pace of life from a global perspective. Such data will inspire exciting design solutions.

Read more. [Image: Reuters]

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"Death of a Clown" director John Stephens and model/actress Sheryland give a sneak peek into the revolution. Will you join the crowd?!?


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