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This is a Mix/Mash of songs that was influenced by my time in London. I really miss those days…everything from the people to the food. In this mix there’s a lot of soul and hip-hop, with a little alternative and reggae mixed in. Shout out to Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill!

(BTW, let me apologize for the last 1:45…I’m not sure what happened there. Hopefully the other 40+ minutes make up for it ;-)


Lead singer from one of our favorite (and one of the UK’s best) bands!

Come here!


Shingai Shoniwa from the band, The Noisettes !

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Wild Young Hearts

Music from The Noisettes, “Cheap Kicks” from their release Wild Young Hearts.

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Wild Young Hearts

Check out “Wild Young Hearts” by The Noisettes. Awesome…