1. #RobinThicke X #TheRoots X #JimmyFallon »> #blurredlines

  2. Here’s one of our favorites from the archives…  #goodmorning

  3. I’m (slightly) over the whole commercialized spoken word aesthetic, but I still applaud Nike and KD for making the time/effort to recognize Black History Month.

    // @floydthinks

  4. Kanye West’s dancers perform a “Fly (Dance) Mob” after wrapping up their Australian tour. We think we’ll have our dancers do the same thing… 

  5. We love how art and music seem to go together in various places in various ways. Here we catch two different scenes in Atlanta, the High Museum and community arts organization WonderRoot.

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  6. We like this. A brief history of Title Design (and cinematic pop culture). 

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  7. Versed Well signed on as a sponsor for the JAS Photo Naturals campaign, and we appreciate their awesome support! Here VW founder Valeasia Walker talks about Versed Well’s involvement in the campaign and its “Love the Journey” themed products. For more information visit: versedwell.com

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  8. We’re exited to collaborate with JAS Photo for their JAS Photo Naturals campaign. Here we meet Candice as she describes what being “Natural” means to her. For more, visit:


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  9. There’s so much to think about on this video, from consumer technology to the future of our social lives! Gadgets & Greatness. Check it out…

  10. The latest from #OFWGKTA…

    Whether you dig them or don’t understand them…they make you pay attention. It’s probably #NSFW, but that hasn’t stopped you from watching before. (shrug) Enjoy…